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Adorn Interior Design - Fueled Collective

Fueled Collective

What an opportunity to transform this Cincinnati co-working and event space.

We were hired to redesign five existing offices into recreated spaces for small party rentals, reservations and off-site meetings. A former yoga studio was also transformed into a full bar and lounge for large parties and entertaining.

The design style varies from room to room from feminine, classic, contemporary, or art deco speakeasy lounge. Glass room dividers were draped on both sides for better defined spaces and privacy.

The scale and timing of this project was a bit of a marathon, but the results are so worth it! Check out Fueled Collective for your next event in Cincinnati!

Project Partners

Builder: BHI Construction

Adorn Interior Design - Fueled Collective bar
Adorn Interior Design - Fueled Collective bar lounge
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